Frequently Asked Questions

The questions below can be very helpful for passengers who have never cruised before or have not cruised from Seattle.  If you have questions that are not listed below, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Q:  Do we need a Canadian visa if we are not US or Canadian citizens?
- Yes, there are only a handful of countries that are exempted.  You will not be allowed to board even if you decided not to get off the ship when the ship is in Canada.  Please make arrangements to obtain Canadian visas for all members of your party.
Q:  What are the nearest hotels to the cruise terminals?
- There are several hotels that are close to both cruise terminals.  Visiting the Seattle's Convention and Visitors Bureau link (or call 206-461-5800) will afford a wide range of hotels close to both cruise terminals.  You can also visit Downtown Seattle Hotels for hotels around Seattle.
Q:  How far is it from the cruise terminal to the airport?
- Pier 66 is approximately 20 miles from Sea-Tac Airport.
- Pier 91 is approximately 22 miles from Sea-Tac Airport.
Q:  How do I get from the airport to the terminal?
- There are a variety of transportation methods to both cruise terminals from the airport: taxi, lightrail, shuttle, public and private transportations.
Q:  Do I need to be screened when going on a cruise?
- Yes, all passengers boarding the cruise ships will be screened 100%.  Screening procedures are similar to those found at all airports.  If you have a pacemaker or defibrillator, please advise a security officer prior to screening.
Q:  What is not allowed on the vessel?
- Weapons and items that are considered harmful or dangerous are prohibited.  When in doubt, please leave them at home.  All prohibited items will be confiscated.  If you are unsure if an item or object is prohibited, please feel free to contact us.
Q:  What time can I board the cruise ship?
- Passenger boarding usually starts around 11:30am.  However, this may vary from day to day and from ship to ship. Please consult your travel documents for additional information. 
Q:  Where can I get additional luggage tags?
- Additional luggage tags can be picked up in front of the terminal on the day of sailing.
Q:  Is there baggage storage available at the Cruise Terminal?
- Yes, baggage storage is available at both cruise terminals. Please note that this is only same day storage and all bags must be reclaimed by 3:30pm.
Q:  What is the cut-off time for boarding the cruise ship?
- Passengers are recommended to arrive at the cruise terminal at least two hours prior to sailing.  Cruise vessels have strict rules and regulations, so passengers who show up late will be denied boarding. Cut-off time for ship boarding is usually one hour prior to sailing. Please consult your travel documents or the cruise line for more information.
Q:  When should I have my family/friend pick me up from the cruise terminal?
- Passenger disembark usually begins at 7:30 a.m. at the earliest.  After baggage retrieval, passengers begin exiting the cruise terminal approximately 10 - 15 minutes later.   Debark is over around 10:30 am when the last passenger is off the vessel.  The number of passengers varies from vessel to vessel, making debark end time a variable.   A cell phone will become handy during disembark.  Please plan accordingly.
Q:  Where should my family/friend park when they come to pick me up?
- At the Smith Cove Cruise Terminal, Pier 91, family and friends are encouraged to use the cell phone lot to wait for their parties.  There is signage and terminal staff to direct you to the cell phone waiting lot.  At the Bell Street Pier Cruise Terminal, Pier 66, family and friends are encouraged to park in the parking garage across the street from the cruise terminal.  There is a sky bridge that will take you from the garage to the cruise terminal and vice versa.