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Cruise Terminals of America is a joint venture between three strong corporations, each bringing specialized terminal operations experience and in-depth knowledge to the partnership. The partnership consists of General Steamship Agencies, SSA Marine, and Columbia Hospitality, Inc.

General Steamship Agencies
General Steamship Agencies and its affiliated companies, Quay Cruise Agencies and Cruise Line Agencies of Alaska (CLAA), have been in the cruise business for over 50 years. Quay and CLAA handled over 2,500 vessel port calls in the U.S and Canada in 2002. This agency group has established a close working relationship with all cruise vessel owners and reginal vendors, thereby developing a reputation as the leading full service agency in the cruise industry. As port agents, Quay and CLAA have performed every service imaginable for the cruise lines and their vessels, crew and passengers.

SSA Marine
SSA Marine provides over 100 years of experiences in stevedoring and marine terminal operations, serving the U.S. West Coast, Gulf Region and Atlantic Coast, as well as multiple international locations. SSA is one of the largest stevedoring services in the world with over 150 operations worldwide, handling every type of cargo and serving every major ocean carrier. SSA and its affiliated companies have handled cruise ships on the U.S. West Coast for more 25 years.

Columbia Hospitality, Inc.
Columbia Hospitality (CHI) provides hospitality expertise and adds a unique element of customer service to the Cruise Terminals of America partnership. A hospitality management and consulting company, CHI develops and manages all areas of hospitality for its clients, including sales and marketing, food service and catering, customer service training, human resource management and accounting services. Named one of the fastest growing hospitality companies in the Pacific Northwest by the Seattle Times, CHI manages 27 prominent conference and special event centers, hotels and resorts in three states.

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